Skillonomy and Raccoon Gang will jointly develop solutions to integrate e-learning with blockchain technology.

Raccoon Gang - developers from the USA with Ukrainian roots. They specialize in designing and creating custom e-learning solutions. Since 2013, the team has been working on the development of the world-famous educational platform Open edX.

The first joint work of the teams will be a project to develop and launch a commercial version of the “Skillonomy Protocol,”: a set of rules for tokenizing the learning process. The project will soon begin to work in Ukraine.

The customer of the project was a company specializing in Internet marketing. On the part of Raccoon Gang, it will be prepared a plug-in that allows implementing the “protocol” on popular training platforms, in particular, the already mentioned Open edX. According to the developers, the plugin, after completion, will be able to successfully work with other LMS.

Skillonomy will provide for the project a model of its “protocol”, which allows tokenize the learning process using blockchain technology. In addition, the team will write a “gate” that will link the Raccoon Gang plugin with the blockchain. Currently, solutions for linking the NEM, EoS and Ethereum blockchains are ready. However, in the future, any blockchain will be able to used.