token sale eng

The total emission: 5 billions of tokens (SKLT)

The emission implementation is based on the phases, without any extra issuance.

In the every round it will be issued a certain amount of tokens, that are proposed for purchasing to investors.


The 1-st round: SEED

Period: until the end of 2018

Amount of issued tokens: 500 000 000 SKLT

Funding: 300 000 $

A token will be released: in 6 months

A price of token: 0,0006 USD for 1 SKLT

The funding is divided on 4 months. Approximately, it is $75K in month.


The 2-nd ROUND: pre-TGE

Period: january-march 2018.

Amount of released tokens: 500 000 000 - 1 000 000 000 SKLT

Funding through a Placement selling: from 600 000 $ to  2500 0000 $

A price of token: 0.0012-0.0025 USD for 1 SKLT

On this stage we will sell our Placements to our region partners. A price will depend on the region and time of acquire.

The first Placements will be sold with a coefficient of 0.25, last - with coefficient of 1.25. Also there are will be special coefficients, that will be used in different countries.

The investitions will include a partnership agreement, that will play an especial role to prevent  speculations. A priority will be given to the profile investors to increase a real price of the Platform.

Unsold tokens will transferred into the reserve fund and save there for mining after 2021 year.



Period: since april 2019

Amount of tokens: 500 000 000  - 1 250 000 000 SKLT (10-25%)

Funding through a Placement selling:: from 1,5$ to 4$ millions

A price of tokens: 0.003-0.004 USD for 1 SKLT

Unsold tokens will transferred to the reserve fund and and will save there on the SkillMining after 2021.

On this stage we are planning to attract new investors in the regions out of our area, and, also, end-users - students/coaches and simple token-investors.

After the 3-d stage we are planning to sell up to 55% of all amount of tokens and get from 2,4$ to 6,5$ millions.