In this section, we present the model tokenomics of the project Skillonomy. This model is developed by our partners, the team
The model is a description of the movement of tokens by period and the distribution of tokens by agents. Agents are individuals involved in the extraction of skills, profit, operations with tokens.
All data about agents and the movement of tokens are recorded in the environment of the description file. Each agent at a certain time performs a specific action and changes the environment, namely the distribution of tokens.

Actions are performed in accordance with the behavior described formally in the behavior file. Using this description, you can model the movement of tokens and explore the properties of the entire project.
The model consists of an informal description of the types of agents and the corresponding attributes, formal actions and a model of general behavior. The description is based on the principle of modeling an insert: if the condition of the agent performing the action is true, then the corresponding changes in the environment are allowed.
Applications describe the formal parts of a model in the language of behavioral algebra.

 Next, we quote the description of the model as it is presented on the website of developers. Model Overview - Behavior

model tokenomic1

In an effort to better understand the world around us, we recently began using new technology to study the organization and functionality of various parts of our experimental model.
We are currently seeking to expand this work, collaborating with other laboratories that have the equipment and previous experience to further study this project. Model Review - Actions
"... we have developed a powerful tool for use in the identification and characterization of processes in our model system. The main advantage of this development is its improved sensitivity, which allows detecting minor dynamic changes in properties in response to our experiments.

model tokenomic2 Model Review - Results

model tokenomic3


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