Skillonomy team has once again proved that our project is one of the most interesting and forward-looking blockchain-solution, that was created in Ukraine.
At this time we have checked in at the blockchain hackathon BlockchainUA Hackathon, that was conducted on 15-16 of September in the capital, in the innovational park UNIT.City. The technology partner and sponsor of the event traditionally was NEM Ukraine.
Our project has gotten into the top three and was noticed by organisators by given a certificate and a honored prize.
A solution, that was investigated and demonstrated - is an integration of our platform with freelance exchange  Freelancehunt.
In such way we have solved a few important problems.
1)Checking the gotten knowledge by outer validator.
2) Simple skills monetization for a student.
3) Monetization of a coach work.
Besides the numerous guests and participants, the event was visited by the ex-vice president, consultant of NEM - Jeff McDonald. Teams have represented their projects and competed for a rank of the best, in a struggle for the valuable prizes, that were provided by our organizators.