Beginning a work on this project, we clearly understood that Skillonomy model will work in the 4 spheres: e-sport, IT, poker and trading. Our MVP has shown a good financial results was demanded by users.

But recently, experienced people prompted us a one new direction, that should to be noticed - organization training.

Actually, a quick glance at this theme confirmed, that it is a market, that has been grown from 2010. There is an interest of companies of human capital developing and willingness of business to invest into an education of officers. On average, there is $1200 is spending on a one employee by USA company. And in the IT sphere - $1500 and more. And every year this amount is growing. It is said by investigations of a leading international company in the sphere of personnel development ATD (Association for Talent Development).

And the most pleasant for us - that trends are changing from group exercises with invited coaches to using of modern communication technologies and learning in the workplaces. That is, new direction will be.