Eventually, a stage of Whitepaper occurs in any project. The work is going on, a working prototype is developing and it is have to be described in a document. And it has to be described in easy and clear way.

A task is almost impossible, because we want to tell about this and that, and about that point too…

The partner relationships are actively develops. People read, talk about what have to be added and what is too much. As all the people are different, things that are interesting are different too.Mentors are inexorable - you have to leave only main theses.

During the latest version is being redone, something new occurred. And this new needs to be in Whitepaper too, because this new works great and does a project more attractive for users.

Finally, there are only a title and some paragraphs left from the original text.

But we don’t give up and the version 1.0 is on its way. Soon, we will publish the short versions of the main chapters. Everyone, who is interested in e-learning and skill monetization - wish you pleasant reading!