Platform for talents management and skills monetization in IT, e-sport, online poker and trading fields of educations. We created Skillonomy - the P2P educational online platform, that tokenize Productive Actions and oriented on getting skills and knowledge, that are monetized online.

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Skillonomy: REVOLUTION

WE created Skillonomy - a system that tokenize each users for Productive Action. Our platform offer coaches and students an opportunity to transfer and monetize their skills. We have developed an instrument that offers coach to create your own educational business on our Platform. And offers students to get knowledge and turn them into the money. A coach and a student are rewarded by tokens for each Productive Actions.


Each Productive Action is rewarded by tokens.
Business Model

Business Model:

A success guarantee, motivation, mutually beneficial cooperation


Based on P2P educational model

Skillonomy: HOW IT WORKS

Students meet with coaches on a Skillonomy Platform: they perform Productive actions, get new skills and develop useful skills. For this, students are rewarded by SkillTokens. After finishing education, Student gets an employment assignment. When student starts to work and gets a real income, a coach and the Platform gets a Reward for success result - Success Fee. And ST capitalization grows exponentially.


Skillonomy ecosystem organized around the IT platform, that allows users to build and administrate relationship connected with education, investing, experience exchange. IT platform consist of 10 interconnected modules. In details:


“SKILLONOMY” needs a set of the most important functions of blockchain for stable and effective work providing. And we see NEM as the most suitable decision among the other existing and using blockchain platforms:
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road map

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The main milestones and project events
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Frequently asked questions

How do the skills can be monetized on the platform?

On the Skillonomy platform, users monetize their knowledge and skills in different way. Some are trained for reward. Others - study and find the desired job.

In practice, this occurs in this way:

A student who wants to learn and find a job is register on the platform.
- He/she passes testing, questionnaires and specifies the aim of the training.
- A teacher who wants to teach and make a living at it is register on the platform.
- He/she fills his/her profile and competencies.
- If the student's goal coincides with the competencies of the teacher, Skillonomy gives the teacher access to the questionnaire and test results of the student.
- If the teacher finds a questionnaire appropriative, he/she offers a contract to the student.
- The student agrees with the contract and the learning begins.
- The teacher develops an education program, teaches and gives tasks.
- The student attends training sessions, does tasks and earns tokens.
- For the tokens he/she gets access to the lessons and services of the platform.
- After completing his/her education the student is employed through the platform. - After the employment he gives back the agreed fee to the teacher.

How will monetization work on practise?

We will illustrate the work of Skillonomy using the example of the IT-oriented student Alice and IT specialist Bob.

ALICE is a student. Her purpose is:
The monthly income of $ 500.
- She is willing to spend 20 hours a week on training.
- She agrees to pay 10% success fee - reward for the result - from future salary for 2 years.

BOB is the coach. He is looking for students who want: Receive a monthly income of $ 500
- Ready to spend 20 hours a week on training.
- Ready to pay 10% success fee - reward for the result - from the future salary for 2 years.

Bob and Alice meet on the platform in one of the DAO, where Bob acts as a coach. They sign a contract whereby Bob gives Alice the IT skills necessary to receive a monthly income of $ 500. For this, Alice undertakes to pay Bob some reward from the future salary after monetizing the acquired skills.

In the future, Bob can increase his income by becoming an investor in his DAO (for tokens received from students). And Alice can try herself as a coach in DAO Bob. In the future, our couple can acquire a Placement in Skillonomy and organize a training business on the platform - investing in creating new Offices and getting royalties.

How much will cost learning for a student?

During the education, a diligent student doesn’t pay anything and even can earn by mining. The payment performed after student gets his/her goal - finishing learning and employment through the platform. A standard learning contract involves a payment of 10% of the salary in a getting skill during the 2 years. All the details of conditions are discussed with a coach and can be changed by mutual consent.

How much does coach can earn at the Skillonome platform?

It all depends on coach’s opportunities and qualification. Let’s consider such example:

BOB is a coach with JJP skill for which it can be gotten salary of 500 c.u. monthly.BOB is a coach with JJP skill for which it can be gotten salary of 500 c.u. monthly.

ALICE is a student. She wants to get 500 c.u. monthly and ready to give 10% of her salary during the 2 years.

BOB trained ALICE during the 6 month on a Skillonomy platform.

ALICE finds a job on Skillonomy freelance markets and pay to BOB: 50X24 = 1200 c.u. in 2 years.

If BOB train 10 students, he will get 500X24 = 12000 c.u.

If BOB improve his skills and start to teach a skill, which costs 1000 c.u. monthly, his income will be 100 c.u. monthly. Аnd 1000 c.u. monthly with 10 students.


Skillonomy news, articles and events
Wednesday, 19 December 2018 presented the Skillonomy protocol tokenomics models on its website, Live demo. The model is a description of the movement of tokens by period and the distribution of tokens by agents.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Skillonomy team has once again proved that our project is one of the most interesting and forward-looking blockchain-solution, that was created in Ukraine.
Monday, 17 September 2018

Not every day you can become a “fortune man”. But just today Skillonomy was lucky.



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