Blockchain Pizza Day took place on 22 of May in Kiev, in which the organizers - NEM Ukraine and Paytomat Ukraine broke a national record of Ukraine for the biggest number of participants, who paid with cryptocurrency.

Skillonomy team could never get pass such event. Not only, it is about cryptocurrency, but it is about pizza too. During the breaks of eating pizza, we had time to express our opinion regarding the cryptocurrency :D

Why did  it is on May 22 and for what did participants pay?

Of course, they paid for pizza. Because it was on May 22 of 2010 when it was bought the most expensive pizza in the human history. The programmer from Las Vegas Laszlo Heinitz paid for 2 “Papa John’s” pizzas by cryptocurrency called bitcoin. If it is counted at today’s rate, this purchase “drags on” $90 mln.

And also we have taken part in a “blockchain” quiz, that was provided by Blockchain Pizza Day organizers -  NEM Ukraine and Paytomat Ukraine. 9 out of 10 right answers  - that is how much the winners of quiz have gotten. And because of it we consider that Skillonomy is cool!!!! And apparently not only we.